Kitchen maintenance starts with hardware

The kitchen is a place where hardware is concentrated, such as metal baskets, hinges, slide rails, etc. The materials are generally made of stainless steel or steel with plastic spray treatment.

Although the surface of the cabinet hardware fittings is plated, it has a certain anti-rust and anti-corrosion effect, but it is inevitable that the coating will be scratched during installation or use. Therefore, you must pay attention to some details during daily use. The maintenance of these hardware!

In daily use, kitchen hardware must be kept clean and cleaned in time to avoid corrosion and bacterial growth. Avoid direct contact with acid and alkali items, and clean up immediately if there is contact. At the same time, avoid salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and other condiments directly spilling on the hardware. If you accidentally drip on it, wipe it gently with a dry soft cloth. Do not clean it with acidic cleaners, and try your best Do not rub with hard objects such as steel wire balls. If there are black spots, wipe with a little kerosene.

The pull baskets, storage baskets, etc. in the cabinet should be placed with dry items, and not too heavy or greasy items; the base cabinet should also avoid contact with acid and alkali and other corrosive items; try not to place too heavy in the pull basket Keep the pulleys and slides clean and lubricated, push and turn gently, and prohibit external impact and friction on the surface, so as to make the life of these hardware longer.

If you want to cook quickly, the cabinet doors open and close smoothly, and the drawers are smooth and easy to pull, all supported by hinges and slide rails. It is best to regularly add lubricating oil to the hinges and slide rails of the cabinet to ensure smooth opening and closing of the parts and prevent moisture and rust. When the door panel is found to be uneven or loose, you can use a Phillips screwdriver to adjust and tighten the door hinge.

Keep the slide rails clean for rebound drawers, damping drawers, bottom drawers, wooden drawers and other drawers. At the same time, try to push and open gently, avoid excessive force, and prevent the slide rails from falling out or being hit; for high and deep baskets, rotating baskets, etc. For large hardware, pay attention to the direction of rotation and stretching, and avoid using dead force.

When cleaning the stainless steel sink, do not use steel wool or chemical agents to clean it. It should be cleaned with a soft towel or soft cloth. If the surface of the sink gradually changes color, wipe it with stainless steel cleanser or talcum powder. Use a neutral detergent to degrease the sinks of other materials, gently scrub, dry with a sponge or cloth to avoid deposits of scale, keep the sink clean, and clean the neck of the filter box in time to prevent long-term accumulation of grease. More and more.

A good cabinet must be durable, and hardware maintenance can't be lazy!