What are the practical pull baskets in the kitchen

When you are decorating the kitchen, or the kitchen has been decorated for a long time, and now you are depressed and feel that the kitchen is messy and the storage space is insufficient. How to make the storage space larger, you may wish to consider the pull-down basket. What kind of pull basket to choose depends on the actual needs and design of the family~

Today, let’s talk about common pull basket styles~ see what kind of pull basket suits your home.

1. Drawer basket

The shape and function are like drawer pull baskets, among which dish pull baskets are common and commonly used. The dish pull basket is mainly used to store dishes, chopsticks, forks, spoons, or pots, etc., and the dishes can be arranged in an arrangement.

Reasonable partition, easy to organize, easy to place, and convenient for daily access.

2. Corner pull basket

Mainly used in the corners of cabinets.

If the space in the corner of the cabinet is too deep, it will be extremely inconvenient to take things, and it will be troublesome to clean and organize. Installing a corner pull basket can make full use of the space at the corner and facilitate the use of items ~ solve the blind area of cabinet storage.

The corner pull basket can be used to store large items or infrequently used items.

3. Seasoning pull basket

It is mainly installed in the cabinet or other corners, and can also be installed and placed according to the kitchen design and user habits.

Generally used to store seasonings, cutting boards, knives, etc.

Condiments are indispensable things in the kitchen. It is very important to put them in a good way and easy to take.

4. Tall pull basket

A pull basket designed for high cabinets, also called high cabinet pull baskets.

Strong flexibility, strong storage capacity, open the cabinet, the items will be moved to the front, the vision is clear and easy to take.

The high-deep pull basket is generally detachable and adjusts the distance between the pull baskets.

5. Linkage pull basket

Through the continuous power when opening the door, the pull basket slides out.

Both door and cabinet baskets can be used for storage, and can be used for floor cabinets, half-height cabinets, and high cabinets.

6. Lifting basket

A pull basket designed for wall cabinets. When the wall cabinet is tall and it is inconvenient to fetch things, the items in the wall cabinet can be pulled down to the front by lifting the pull basket to facilitate fetching.