Kitchen hardware selection standard pull basket

Cooking three meals a day, it is inevitable to move the pots and pans. Although there is one thing that is not on the countertop, but we touch it most frequently every day, it is the basket. It has a large storage space, and can reasonably divide the space, so that various items have their own places, and establish a good order of hidden space in the kitchen.

The most commonly used pull baskets are: pull basket cabinet, corner pull basket, stove pull blue

Pull basket cabinet: super storage function, pull switch mode; multi-layer separation basket makes food easy to sort and place, clear at a glance. Can store a lot of ingredients and kitchenware. It is also easy to adjust the height of the basket, which is convenient for different types of items.

Stove pull basket: generally in the lower part of the stove, it is used to store pots, dishes and plates for daily use. The classification is clear and clear, and it protects the dishes from collision.

Corner pull basket: They can not only maximize the use of built-in space, but also make full use of the abandoned space in the corner to maximize the use value of corner space.

Points to note when choosing a pull basket:

(1) Pull baskets are generally tailor-made, so you need to provide accurate cabinet sizes.

(2) The solder joints are full and there is no false solder; the surface is smooth, and the hand feels comfortable, so as not to cut the hands.

(3) The lubrication of the slide rail pulley should be high, and it can be pushed and pulled smoothly. Try to choose slide rails with buffering and mute functions.

(4) Pots, bowls and pans are unavoidable to have water. In order to prevent mold from growing inside the cabinet, the pull basket should be wiped clean every time it is used.